Big Butterfly (or Butterfly)
This is one of only two known marigold examples of this tumbler and is courtesy of the late Cecil Whitley. Cecil also owned one of the four known tumblers in a sort of olive green.

Christina Katsikas has a wonderful, and extensive, article on these rare tumblers on her site "Carnival Glass Showcase." You can view it here.

This is the first reported pitcher in the Big Butterfly pattern. It's marigold and sold at the 2014 American Carnival Glass Association convention auction. It unfortunately has a crack down the side.

What appears to be a matching pitcher is shown, not iridized, in a 1915 US Glass catalog. This catalog was for their export market.

Below are two articles written on the Big Butterfly Tumbler by Cecil Whitley and O. Joe Olson.

This article is reprinted from the September 1998 issue of the San Diego County Carnival Glass Collectors club with the permission of the author's son.
Reprinted from O. Joe Olson's The Carnival Glass Tumbler News, Vol. II, No. 5, December 20,1974.