Bells and Beads - Dugan
This pattern, found only in six to seven-inch ruffled, tricorner and crimped bowls is sometimes referred to as Bellflower--perhaps a better name as the design has small bell-shaped flowers. Records show only bowls in amethyst/purple and peach opal selling.

This is the first piece of Bells and Beads heard of in white. Not only that, but it has an opalescent edge and is in the scarce tricorner crimped shape. Photo courtesy of Mickey Reichel Auctions.

Holly and Berry - Dugan
Sometimes called Dugan's Holly. The pattern has holly leaves and berries in the center and around the outer edges. The single-handled nappy (left) may be called a gravy boat if it has a well-defined spout. The other known shape is this bowl, usually ruffled.

Colors come in a limited range of marigold, peach opal and purple.

Honeycomb - Dugan
This rosebowl was no doubt originally used to hold honey, probably with a paper seal on top. Only known in peach opal.
Intaglio Daisy - Diamond
A somewhat scarce pattern. Shown is a typical bowl shape although bowls vary slightly in depth. This one is 7 1/2 inches wide by 4 inches tall. Also known in rosebowls.

Carl O. Burns, in his 1999 book on Dugan and Diamond, shows a bowl in amethyst that he describes as the only one known in the color.

Lattice Hearts - Dugan
Usually credited to Dugan, but there is no definitive evidence. The pattern is on the exterior only and found in 7-8 inch bowls and plates. Only known in purple.
Six Petals - Dugan
One would think that the Six Petals pattern would have been named for the wreath of leaves and blossoms around the bowl. But the name derives from the six-petalled design in the center. These bowls are found in tricorner shapes (shown) and crimped and/or ruffled, 7 to 8 inches across.

Found in a rare blue, peach opal, purple and white.

Weeping Cherries - Dugan
Weeping Cherries is distinguished from other cherry patterns by its four sets of cherries separated by baseball bat-like shapes on a dome footed bowl.

Weeping Cherries does have a back pattern called Winding Cherry Blossoms, although it is very faint.

Marigold is the typical color found although a light lavender is known.