Beaded Stars - Fenton
Beaded Stars was an early Carnival pattern. It consists of 6 six-pointed stars made of beads on the exterior of the pieces. Shown at left top are a bowl, at right a plate and rosebowl.

Notice that there are two seperate Beaded Star patterns. Each have the six beaded stars around the piece, but one has only small beaded cirlces between the stars as shown in the photo on the left while the other has the space between the stars completely encircling the stars as shown in the photo at the right. These have become known as "Beaded Stars and Circles" and "Beaded Stars and Swag".

Shapes include bowls, small sauces, card trays, 9 inch plates and rosebowls. Always found in marigold.

Thought to be made in only marigold, here's "Beaded Star and Swag" in aqua opalescent.