Billy Baxter - This ashtray reads "Billy Baxter His Clear Bottle".

Dog Face - Once in the collection of Bob and Geneva Leonard, this unusual ashtray is found only in marigold.

Dutch Boy and Girl - Similar to other depression era ashtrays. This one has the images of a boy and girl in presumably dutch dress. Only found in marigold.

Golfer - The Female Golfer is seen only seldomly. Notice that the motifs around the outside of this ashtray are the same as the Polo Ashtray. Depression era pieces.

LBJ Hat - Named after the hat favored by the late president, Lyndon Baines Johnson, although they were produced before he served as president.

Nesting - These three ashtrays at 3 1/4 , 4 1/4 and 5 1/4 inches across nest into each other. There is no pattern except the three notches on each to hold a cigarette.

Polo - The Polo ashtray is one of the more frequently seen ashtrays, Polo has an image of a polo player on the interior. Both the Polo and the Golfer are depression era pieces.

Windmill - This ashtray depicts a Dutch windmill in its center.