American - Fostoria
Although produced widely in non-iridized glass, only a few examples are known in Carnival Glass. Of the shapes that do come up for auction, the rosebowls, like that above left, are the most frequently seen. Almost always seen in a light yellowish marigold. The creamer and sugar, above right, may be Jeannette's Cubist pattern which is very similar to American. Also shown are candlesticks, a celery vase and a perfume jar.
Chain and Star - Fostoria
Known in a handful of marigold tumblers and a creamer and sugar set. The pattern, repeated on two sides of the tumbler, is a whirling star encircled by a chain. The base is ground and is 2 1/2 inches in diameter. Also known as Virginia or No. 1467. This tumbler is courtesy of Lee Markley.
Here's another creamer and sugar, along with a butter dish--the only one heard of. Photo courtesy of Seeck Auctions.
Sydney - Fostoria
The Sydney pattern is rare in any shape. Only the regular tumblers and a smaller tumbler called a champagne glass were known until Galen and Kathi Johnson found this marigold pitcher.