Acorn and Blackberry Bark Vases - Millersburg
The two photos to the left show Acorn vases in green and amethyst. The photo to the right shows a Blackberry Bark vase in amethyst. Both of these vases have similarities in design and are thought to be made by the Millersburg Glass Company. Notice how both the acorns and blackberries at the tops of each vase protrude upwards and form the flames on the vases. Also both are covered with a bak like texture.

There are five of the Acorn vases known; two in green, and one each in amethyst, marigold, and vaseline. The Acorn vases have two twig like handles. Acorns and leaves ring the top and project out above the rim.

The Blackberry Bark vase has quite an unusual design with a lot of detail. This example is one of three known, all amethyst. They measure 6 3/4 inch tall with a three inch base. There is a bark like texture and leaves and berries ring the top and project beyond the rim just like in the Acorn vase.

Honeycomb and Hobstar - Millersburg
Another Millersburg rarity. This one is amethyst and was photographed while in the collection of the late Don Doyle. Marie McGee, in her 1995 book on Millersburg glass, reports that two are known in amethyst, one in blue, and possibly another in blue.
Butterfly and Corn - Millersburg
There are very few of these 6-inch vases around. Several are known in marigold and vaseline; the first amethyst (shown here, from both sides) was recently discovered. There is also one known in green.
Woodpecker and Ivy - Millersburg
These are the only examples of these 6-inch vases known. The one on the left is in marigold and is courtesy of Tom and Sharon Mordini. On the right is the vaseline one, which sold in 2011 for $15,000.