Acorn and Autumn Acorns - Fenton
Fenton made two acorn patterns; Acorn and Autumn Acorns. Acorn is found almost entirely in smallish bowls. The other, Autumn Acorns, is most quickly identified by the leaf in the center.

The red bowl, above, is the typical Acorn shape. Acorn comes in an array of different colors and red is actually a very common in this pattern. There are only a few known plates. The photo to the right is an Acorn plate in white, the first heard of, and was sent in by Brad Noble.

The small bowls are typically 7 to 8 inches across and can be ruffled, round or ice cream shaped. The many colors found include amber, amber opal, amberina, amethyst, amethyst opal, aqua, blue, powder blue, green, ice blue, lavender, lime green, marigold, marigold on milk glass, marigold on moonstone, peach opal, pink, red, vaseline, white and yellow.

Plates are rarer and thus are found in fewer colors of amethyst, blue, green and white. There is also a nut bowl shape that is found in marigold and red. Other colors in any shape are sure to be found.

Fenton's Autumn Acorn also has a spray of leaves and groups of acorns. But this one is easy to distinguish from Acorn as it has a leaf in the center. Found mostly in 9-inch bowls and a few rare plates. On the left above is a ruffled bowl in vaseline; on the right a plate in marigold.

Plates are most often seen in green, rare in other colors including amethyst, blue and marigold. Bowls can be ruffled, 3n1 or ice cream shaped but candy ribbon edge (CRE) bowls are rather scarce. Bowls are found in a wider range of colors including amethyst, blue, green, lime green, marigold, persian blue, red and vaseline.