St. Clair Glass - Elwood, Indiana
In the 1940's, Joe and Ellen St. Clair built a small glass factory in the back of the family home on N. Fifth St in Elwood, Indiana. Joe's father, John, remained in charge until his death in 1958. Joe then assumed command of the plant with the help of brothers Ed and Bob. Joe experimented with color and molds. A new larger facility was erected.

Iridized novelties were a great success in molds such as the Indiana Chieftain, Inverted Fan and Feather, and Holly Band patterns. Joe and his brothers also made handmade paperweights.

Joe retired in 1971 and the factory sold. Bob, Ed and nephew Joe Rice left then to help Bob start his own small facility in West Elwood.

Bob and his wife Maude continued to make small novelties and marked them "Bob and Maude". They continued to work until Bob's death in 1984. The facilites were then sold to nephew Joe Rice who continues to make art glass. It is this facility in West Elwood that was known as the "Glass House". Visit their website here.

Joe St. Clair was not retired long as he bought back his facilites in 1974. Joe continued to work making paperweights and pressed glass until his death in October 1987. Thus St. Clair glass was made throughout the 1970s and 1980s at two facilities in Elwood, Indiana.

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