"Christ Died For Our Sins" - Millville Art Glass
Millville Art Glass was associated with the Wheaton Glass Company and the Wheaton Museum. Two pieces marked "Millville Art Glass" are shown above; The "Christ Died For Our Sins" plate and ashtray. Both are about eight inches across. These are in amethyst glass but they are also found in a green glass. Below is the back of the plate showing that it was made in 1975.
Millville Art Glass also made small cup plates, some of which were iridized. The cup plates are 3 1/2 inches across and have "MAG" embossed on them. "MAG" stands for Millville Art Glass. Cup plates were very collectible in the 1970s and 1980s and Millville made them in clear, blue and marigold iridescence. Subject matter includes the Statute of Liberty as shown to the left. Other subjects covered such things The Minutemen, Covered Bridges, 1991 Baltimore Fire Muster, 1995 Wheaton Village Fire Muster, American Eagle, Star Spangled Banner, ABC Plates, Halley's Comet, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and a Jesus Christ cup plate similar in design to the larger plate above.