Federal Glass - Columbus, Ohio
Federal Glass Company was established in Columbus, Ohio in 1900 by George and Robert J. Beatty. In 1901 they advertised only tumblers, and in 1906 they were listed as manufacturers of bottles and jars. By 1914, the Federal Glass catalog included a full range of pressed glass in imitation cut glass patterns in clear flint glass. Federal Glass also produced a range of glass used as packaging for grocery items including salt, pepper and spice shakers, goblets, measuring jugs, and jars.

During the 1930's Federal Glass was one of the leaders in machine pressed, colored glassware producing full sets of tableware in typical depression glass patterns of Fruit Lustre, Parrot, Lovebirds, Normandie or Bouquet and Lattice, Madrid, Mayfair and Diana in colors such as amber, pink, purple, blue and marigold iridescent. Many of these depression glass items carry the Federal Glass trademark of an F in a shield.

In the 1960's and 1970's, Federal again made iridized glass in such patterns as Pioneer, Celestial, Petal, Yorktown and Georgetown. The Madrid pattern was re-introduced for the Bicentennial in 1976. They also made a beer stein in iridized milk glass that is frequently seen at antique malls and an eagle covered box. Federal Glass sold their iridized products at department stores often in cardboard boxes that had an opening so that you could see the glass inside.

Federal Glass closed in 1979.

Beer Stein

Eagle Box

Federal Mark




Yorktown Snack Set

Yorktown Vase

Yorktown Bowl

Georgetown Egg Plate in box

Georgetown Egg Plate